Discovering ourselves as we are (and wish to be) is a process of patient and curious investigation. To move forward, we first have to appreciate where we are and how we arrived here. Often, driven by feelings like panic and frustration, we look for adjustments we can make to the ways things are without changing anything fundamental about how they got that way. We find ourselves reacting to what is happening now according to who we were or what we needed in the past.  Becoming weary of these feelings and patterns can be a signal from an essential part of ourselves, a request to be heard and acknowledged. The integral coaching process is designed to create more space for that essential part of you—to bolster it and to give it a voice in deciding how things are going to be in the future.

    Integral coaching focuses on building stronger foundations in the areas of competence that will best support you in developing a new way of being in relation to your coaching topic. After your initial intake session, we will agree on a clearly-defined purpose and set of objectives that will inform our work together, recognizing that, because the coaching process is also one of discovery, we are free to adjust these as the process unfolds. As part of my assessment, I will identify an essential positive quality that motivates and informs your sense of purpose. To capture the frustrating or wearying nature of the way things are, I will identify a metaphorical narrative for the way you currently relate to your coaching topic. A powerful alternative narrative, describing a future state in which you have developed a new way of being, will provide an ongoing context for our work together. The activities and practices that comprise your coaching program will be designed especially for you. Their purpose will be to enable you to recognize and be more fully present in moments that offer opportunities for re-examining your behavior or your way of thinking about yourself or situations. Over time, the work you do in this program should create more and more space for your essential positive quality to influence how you relate to others and to the important work of your life.

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