(Note: All coaching sessions will occur via Zoom. Arrangements can be made for in-person appointments in New York City. Rates are available upon request.)

The coaching process begins with an intensive assessment and design phase. After the assessment and delivery of the plan design, a typical coaching engagement will extend for ten sessions, meeting biweekly. From intake to the last coaching session, the program lasts approximately six months, although you can choose to extend it as appropriate.

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Assessment and Design:

The Assessment and Design phase will include the following:

  • A 90-minute intake call

  • Design of customized Individual Development Plan which includes:

o  Defined Purpose and Objectives

o  A narrative describing your current way of being

o  A powerful new narrative describing your desired future way of being

o  Specific guidance for “Gentle Self-Regulation”—rather than rigid, formulaic checklists, the program content provides a structure within which you can develop a gentle but purposeful regimen of regular inquiry and growth.

  • A 60-minute first coaching call—during this call I will deliver your Individual Development Plan, answer your questions, and adjust further as appropriate.

Coaching Program: 10 Sessions

Our coaching meetings will occur every other week, to allow for enough time between sessions to implement new practices and notice any emerging patterns. Each one-hour session will provide a space for inquiry, support, and reinforcement. We will focus especially on responging to the work you’ve engaged in between sessions, which will include:

    • Daily Self-Observation Activities— these are simple, regular activities designed to cultivate curiosity and openness to your experience and how it changes.

    • New Practices—these support somatic awareness and the embodiment of new or supportive qualities.

    • Additional Exercises or Resources—these might include poetry, music, or visual art, for example, to support and reinforce your growth during the process.

The role of the coach during these sessions is to help you notice and contextualize whatever insights have emerged during your work. We might explore thematic connections across various domains in your life, notice where you are beginning to embody the new narrative, or bring gentle attention to the ways in which the old narrative continues to show up. As we near the end of this cycle, we will assess whether to add more sessions or adjust the plan to focus on a new topic going forward.

Pricing plans are available upon request. 

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Privacy Policy: Any information collected is for coaching use and client-coach contact only and will not be shared without express permission.