As a Certified Integral Coach, I empower clients who are experiencing change, whether in life or in work, or want to renew their purpose and direction. With decades of experience as a writer, educator, and performer, I offer a creativity-based approach to identifying and nurturing each client’s most powerful essential quality. The work we do together creates space for this quality to emerge in your daily life. Together we build the foundation of meaningful transformation in a way that is fully aligned with your most fundamental values and purpose. Because I conduct sessions via Zoom, we can work together wherever you are.


In my coaching practice, I’ve worked with executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and educators—what they all have in common is a deep sense that something about the ways things are is getting in the way of the way things ought to be. Central to integral coaching is the recognition that you already possess the personal quality that will enable you to find a new way of being. The coaching process is designed to support the emergence of that quality across all domains of your life. Coaching topics can be as varied as, for example, navigating major life changes, starting or finishing important projects, finding balance, leading purposefully, or simply “getting better at” something. However broadly or narrowly you perceive the scope of your topic, the only real requirement is that it’s important to you. Integral coaching can be for anyone who feels stuck, is inspired to change, and senses that their current circumstances aren’t letting them show up as the person they know themselves to be.

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Privacy Policy: Any information collected is for coaching use and client-coach contact only and will not be shared without express permission.