"I felt in good hands with Tom's advice and leadership. Walking meditation, in the Eastern tradition of ambling steadily from one step to the next is the best means I know of in keeping the rants of the mental chatter at bay.  Also, his intuitive chiming with my own intuition of 'speaking from the heart,' e.g., was key to our evolving good, working relationship. I recommend him to others seeking their own North Star."
    —Eckhart Beatty

“Tom served as my life coach and helped me embrace my creative identity. With his guidance, I was able to complete my novel draft, deepen my piano skills, and connect with a supportive artist community here in Chicago. Tom has unique insights to help inspire and continue growth, particularly when working with creatives. His passion for helping others achieve their goals and his ability to tailor his approach to each individual's needs make him an exceptional coach. Working with Tom has been transformative and I cannot recommend him enough to those seeking to unlock their full potential.”
    —J. Bradley Blankenship, Ph.D.
    Education Consultant

"Receiving coaching from Tom was an immeasurable gift. The quality of his presence, deep listening, and thoughtful interventions transformed my relationships with parts of my life I have struggled with for years. My relationship to administrative tasks of life and to my finances has shifted dramatically and opened up space for more time and attention on my creative practices thanks to Tom's help and guidance. If you are thinking of working with Tom - do it - he is a wise and kind soul."
    —Noa C.

"Tom is an exceptional coach - during our sessions, he listened intently, asked thought-provoking questions, and offered great suggestions."
    —Dayana Z.
    Management Consultant

“Tom’s coaching transformed the way I think about myself as a professional and, more holistically, as a thinker and a leader. I looked forward to each session and appreciated the thoughtfulness and intentionality Tom brought to each session. I cannot recommend Tom’s coaching enough.”
    —Jacob S.
    Management Consultant